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The World's Largest and Oldest Co-ed Business Fraternity

Message from our President

As a freshman, motivated but without professional direction, I wanted to join an organization where I could grow in all aspects of my life. Two years later, I have learned that professionalism can mean many things, but for me, the term refers to finding your passion and learning how to tie it into your life. When you are surrounded by so many people who have figured out how to make their passion part of their careers, the success follows. This is why AKPsi has proven to be the most life changing decision I have made in college. I would not be able to say that I will be a First-Generation college graduate with a career in consulting had it not been for the help of my pledge class, our alumni network, and diverse professional materials that this organization provides. Whether you are pursuing a career in finance, consulting, software, or simply do not know yet, I am confident AKPsi will guide you towards your true passion.

However, at the end of the day, it is the people we meet that shape our college experiences. This organization that I randomly stumbled upon while trying to avoid all the people with fliers on Sproul has turned into a family of mine – one that I have shared with my most crushing blows, my greatest triumphs, and my most memorable laughs. I have been inextricably tied to the brothers and sisters of this organization and am certain AKPsi will provide you with the same experience, if not better.

Alex Tran

Alex Tran


Our Values


The Alpha Beta Chapter will be your family at Cal and your home away from home. From prepping for your next big interview or midterms, you will always have your brothers by your side every step of the way. We are guided by a sense of stewardship and selflessness.


Alpha Kappa Psi has a rich history of professionalism and career development to enhance lifelong learning for all our members. With a strong alumni network, exclusive workshops, and client experience with Berkeley Corporate Solutions, our brothers gain unique insight into industries within business.


Our organization is made up of brothers with a diverse set of backgrounds and interests ranging from cinematography to Bhangra. We share a common understanding of our vision and values to anticipate and create the future.

Our brothers define us.

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