Welcome to AKΨ


AKΨ is the oldest business fraternity on campus, as well as the oldest worldwide. Our chapter has over 60 brothers in more than a dozen different majors.

Professional Services

Alpha Beta Consulting and Berkeley Corporate Solutions comprise our consulting arms. We have served numerous clients including Cisco, Andreessen Horowitz, and Salesforce.

Alpha Beta Ventures

Alpha Beta Ventures is a startup incubator designed to give our entrepreneurial brothers the best resources and experiences available.


Co-ed Professional Business Fraternity


Alpha Kappa Psi is founded on brotherhood. Members form meaningful friendships with a multitude of people, from fellow students to faculty to local business leaders. Bonds formed between members are genuine and last a lifetime.

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We help prepare our members to enter the professional world by establishing long lasting relationships with business partners and by fostering business skills.

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For us, giving back to society is a crucial aspect of our agenda. We accomplish this largely through one of our consulting arms, Alpha Beta Consulting, which assists local nonprofits in addressing pressing social problems.

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