Justin Liu

Justin lin 002561
  • MAJOR: Business Administration
  • HOMETOWN: Oak Park, CA
  • PLEDGE CLASS: Alpha Nu
  • POSITIONS HELD: Pledge Facilitator, Professional Director, Vice President of External Relations, Technology Director
  • BIOGRAPHY: Justin is currently a senior studying Business Administration. He was born in Toronto, Ontario in Canada, but was raised in Oak Park, a suburban town in California. In the past, he worked at Square as a business development intern focused on expansion strategy. He also worked with Twitch's Business Operations team focusing on corporate strategy and financial modeling. On campus, Justin is also involved as a project manager of Berkeley Business Society, having worked on consulting projects with Google, Square, and Airbnb. Justin will be joining Bain & Company in San Francisco as an Associate Consultant after graduation. With an incredible passion for tech, Justin hopes to eventually combine his interests in both business strategy and emerging technologies.