Kevin Wu

  • MAJOR: Business Administration
  • HOMETOWN: Atlanta, GA
  • PLEDGE CLASS: Alpha Omicron
  • POSITIONS HELD: Vice President of Alumni Relations, Vice President of Operations
  • BIOGRAPHY: Kevin Wu is a junior intending to major in Business Administration. As someone who is incredibly fascinated by both technology and global politics, he also hopes to pick up a double major or minor in Computer Science, History, or Political Economy. He is an avid reader of Wikipedia and he enjoys devouring biographies, self-help books, and history novels. In his free time Kevin also likes to work out, hang out, and go out. Kevin has previously worked in corporate finance at German multinational M&A advisory firm Goetzpartners, and has had experience providing consulting services for early-stage technology start-ups based in Asia. Kevin dreams of working in international business, international trade, foreign policy, and foreign direct investment.