Saaketh Maryala

  • MAJOR: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Philosophy
  • HOMETOWN: Houston, TX
  • PLEDGE CLASS: Alpha Pi
  • POSITIONS HELD: Vice President of Technology, Social Director, Professional Director
  • BIOGRAPHY: Saaketh is a junior pursuing a double-degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Philosophy. Though he was born in Ohio, he grew up in Houston, Texas, attending a boarding school in Dallas for high school. Saaketh loves to powerlift, eat pok√© bowls, read good books, and attend hip-hop concerts and music festivals. Professionally, he is interested in startup work within the tech-space, as he enjoys working on cutting-edge technologies that could change the world. Saaketh is currently one of the first employees at OPEN, a blockchain startup revolutionizing cryptocurrency payments. Upon graduation, he hopes to work in a career where he can make an impact.