Saaketh Maryala

  • MAJOR: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Business Administration
  • HOMETOWN: Houston, TX
  • PLEDGE CLASS: Alpha Pi
  • POSITIONS HELD: Professional Director
  • BIOGRAPHY: Saaketh is a sophomore pursuing a double degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Business Administration. He was born in Ohio, but grew up in Houston, Texas, and attended a boarding school in Dallas for high school. In his free time, Saaketh enjoys hitting the gym, trying new restaurants around Berkeley, watching movies, going to concerts, and reading. Saaketh is especially interested in nonprofit and startup work within the tech-space, as he enjoys work on cutting-edge technologies that could change the world. He currently works at OPEN, a blockchain startup revolutionizing cryptocurrency payments. In the future, Saaketh hopes to work in a career where he can make an impact.