Pranav Sachi

  • MAJOR: Business Administration, Computer Science
  • HOMETOWN: Dallas, TX
  • PLEDGE CLASS: Alpha Sigma
  • POSITIONS HELD: Vice President of Finance, Academic Director
  • BIOGRAPHY: Pranav is a senior majoring in Business Administration and Computer Science. Born and raised in San Ramon, CA, he moved out to Dallas, TX several years ago with the desire to become a Texas Cowboy. While that didn't work out, he is now pursuing his interests in entrepreneurship and technology, with hopes of working in Venture Capital or starting his own company. An adrenaline junkie and avid traveler, Pranav's favorite adventures include snowmobiling down glaciers in Iceland, diving between tectonic plates, and speeding down Texas highways. In his free time you'll find him at the gym, watching his favorite NBA teams, or watching youtube videos of exotic cars.