Jamie Shen

Jamie shen 001602
  • MAJOR: Business Administration, History
  • HOMETOWN: San Ramon, CA
  • PLEDGE CLASS: Alpha Kappa
  • POSITIONS HELD: Vice President of Operations, Corporate Relations Director
  • BIOGRAPHY: Jamie is a senior pursuing simultaneous degrees in Business Administration and History. She's proud to be born and raised in the Bay Area. Her interests include discovering new D2C brands, running and hiking, and exploring museums. On campus, Jamie is involved in HBSA and historical research. She can typically be found grabbing coffee in FIFO and FSM, or rifling through the Bancroft archives. Jamie‚Äôs work experiences span across tech (especially ecommerce & digital), venture capital, and financial services. She has worked at Vogue, GGV Capital, and Goldman Sachs. After graduation, she is pursuing a career in management consulting.