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Why join Alpha Kappa Psi?

As a freshman, motivated but without professional direction, I was lucky enough to tag along with a friend of mine to an AKPsi rush event. Three years later, I have learned that professionalism can mean many things, but for me, the term refers to the unrelenting effort that one puts towards his or her goals. When you are surrounded by so many individuals who embody professionalism in this form, you inevitably grow and succeed alongside them. Ultimately, this is why AKPsi has proven to be so invaluable in my life; my own peers have been just as important of a factor in my successes as the alumni network and diverse professional materials that this organization provides. Whether you are pursuing finance, consulting, or software, I am confident that AKPsi will provide you the universal skills, work ethic, and drive to achieve your own personal success.

However, at the end of the day, it is the people that we meet that shape our college experiences. This organization which was initially intimidating has turned into a family of mine – one that I have shared with my most crushing blows, my greatest triumphs, and my most memorable laughs. Through the pledge process, recruiting throughout college, and travel to Colombia, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand, I have been inextricably tied to brothers of this organization, and I am proud to say that AKPsi has been the guiding factor in my college experience.

- Sahil Patel, President of AKPsi

Recruitment Schedule

Meet the Chapter

Monday, January 28th | 7:00pm
Berkeley City Club
Business Casual

Social Night

Wednesday, January 30th | 7:00pm
Pappy's Grill
Campus Casual

Individual Interviews

Saturday - Sunday, February 2nd - February 3rd
By Appointment Only
Business Professional

Professional Forum

Tuesday, February 5th
By Invitation Only
Business Casual

Group Interviews

Thursday, February 7th
By Invitation Only
Business Professional

Application Requirements

To apply for Alpha Kappa Psi, you must submit an application online . The application portal can be found at the top of this page. Applications will open every semester at the beginning of the recruitment process and end the day before individual interviews. If you are a first-semester freshman, you can apply and go through the recruitment process, but you will not be accepted until your second semester . This is to allow you to explore other opportunities on campus before deciding to commit to Alpha Kappa Psi. If you are a transfer student and you were an active member of your previous school's Alpha Kappa Psi chapter, please contact Although we are a business fraternity, we believe that business is universal to all fields, so all majors are welcome to apply.