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The application will close on August 31st at 11:59PM.

Why join Alpha Kappa Psi?

When people talk about family, they talk about sacrifice, vulnerability, and unbridled love. But what is sometimes mentioned less is the brutal honesty and trying times that create such unbreakable bonds. In the Spring of 2014, AKPsi became my family - one that encapsulates all the characteristics mentioned above and many more.

When people talk about professionalism, it’s so easy to get lost in the repetition of the word without really thinking about what it means. From my time in AKPsi, professionalism has meant far more than just how well someone recruits. Professionalism was teaching a lost a freshman how to confidently navigate a job interview for the first time and helping her unearth potential and discover interests she had never known existed before. Professionalism has been staying up until 3AM helping each other prep for interviews the next day and helping revise resumes until our eyes glazed over. It’s been celebrating each and every person’s victories and encouraging them when things didn’t go as planned. With such a large alumni network, I’ve received so much help from alumni, both professionally and personally - I even met an alumni who graduated in 2001 at one of our alumni events before I worked under her the summer of my sophomore year.

Beyond all of the professional help AKPsi has given me, there is nothing more precious to me than the friendships I’ve formed over the last few semesters. From traveling all over the world to spending grueling hours struggling through classes and cases, we’ve spent some of our best and worst times together, and thanks to those times, I now have a group of people who I am certain I will be able to completely rely on for the rest of my life. I know that when I graduate, I’ll never forget the memories I’ve shared with the people in AKPsi: biking across the Golden Gate Bridge, wandering around in the rain on a mountain in Taiwan, eating copious amounts of street food in Tokyo, exploring the depths of Antelope Canyon, and many more. AKPsi has shaped my entire college experience for the better - I know I wouldn’t be where I am today or the person I am without it, and for that, I am forever grateful.

- Sophie He, Active Brother of AKPsi

Recruitment Schedule

Meet the Chapter

Monday, January 22nd | 7:00pm
Berkeley City Club
Business Casual

Social Night

Wednesday, January 24th | 7:00pm
Pappy's Grill
Campus Casual

Individual Interviews

Saturday - Sunday, January 27th - January 28th
By Appointment Only
Business Professional

Professional Forum

Monday, January 29th
By Invitation Only
Business Casual

Group Interviews

Thursday, February 1st
By Invitation Only
Business Professional

Application Requirements

To apply for Alpha Kappa Psi, you must submit an application online . The application portal can be found at the top of this page. Applications will open every semester at the beginning of the recruitment process and end the day before individual interviews. If you are a first-semester freshman, you can apply and go through the recruitment process, but you will not be accepted until your second semester . This is to allow you to explore other opportunities on campus before deciding to commit to Alpha Kappa Psi. If you are a transfer student and you were an active member of your previous school's Alpha Kappa Psi chapter, please contact Although we are a business fraternity, we believe that business is universal to all fields, so all majors are welcome to apply.