Current Role: Pledge Facilitator

Adam is a junior studying Business Administration with minors in Conservation & Resources and Data Science.
He joined AKPsi during his spring semester of freshman year and is part of the Alpha Sigma class.

Meet Adam

Starting off freshman year, my goal was just like any other new student maneuvering through college: determine my career and make supportive friends along the way. Although I planned on studying Business, I had little to no sense of what area I wished to explore — consulting, banking, product management, venture capital, entertainment, and every other industry seemed foreign to me. However, I had overheard a friend talking about AKPsi, and I took the chance to attend the initial “Meet The Chapter” event. After listening to speakers and talking with all the brothers, I realized just how tight-knit everyone in the fraternity was. Aside from the professional accomplishments, I found them to ultimately be a community of driven, down-to-earth individuals, and I knew that I had discovered an organization like no other.

Taking part in the pledging process, I quickly grew in confidence, cultivating a social and professional skillset that I would not have been able to develop otherwise. In particular, I learned to trust others, work more efficiently, and become more confident in myself as I gained the opportunity to collaborate with my diverse group of pledge brothers. From spontaneous night trips, countless sessions laughing with one another, and other nights working hard together, I realized how valuable brotherhood meant for all of us.

Even following pledging, I’ve received immense support from upperclassmen in my personal recruiting journey. Just this summer alone, I engaged in calls each day with my pledge brothers and alumna who would provide advice and insights through mock interviews, resume preparation, and networking tips. This kind of support was instrumental in me landing a summer internship.

Most importantly, AKPsi has introduced me to people who have served as mentors, inspiring leaders, and lifelong friends who have shaped me to become the best version of myself. There really is no other defining experience like Alpha Kappa Psi, and it has been a privilege to be a part of this amazing fraternity.

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