Alice is a senior studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science with a minor in Education.
She joined AKPsi in the spring of her freshman year and is part of the Alpha Pi class.

Meet Alice

At the beginning of my college career, I felt as though I was sort of floating through friend groups, student clubs, and my classes. I rushed AKPsi because I was looking for a community to ground myself in. At Meet the Chapter, I got to know a group of impressive people who truly cared for one another. From the way they retold their fondest memories, I knew I had come upon something worth dedicating myself to.

Throughout the pledging process, I found myself becoming more selfless, empathetic, and motivated — I was growing into the confident person I wanted to become. Despite not being a Business or Economics major, I found so much in common with my pledge brothers and we were able to bond over things beyond academics and recruiting. The Computer Science community at Berkeley can be kind of isolating and intimidating, so I was so happy to have found a home within AKPsi.

That being said, the tech and entrepreneurship subset within AKPsi is also very special to me — we really go out of our way to support one another. I have gotten help every step of the way: referrals from alumni, resume templates from seniors, and interview practice with my pledge brothers have all been instrumental to building my career in software engineering.

Beyond that, I believe that the social aspect of college and the connections you make here are more important than anything you learn in class. Candidly, the biggest reason I joined AKPsi was for social reasons — I have formed the deepest friendships with people of diverse interests. These are the friends with whom I indulge at new restaurants, take to last minute parties, travel across the world, and overall just have a memorable time. It’s honestly never a dull moment with my brothers, even if we’re just studying at Haas Library.

I would really pitch AKPsi to anyone who is looking for their home base at Berkeley, no matter their academic or career goals, as business is tangentially related to almost every industry. A fraternity is not much more than an affiliation — at our core, we are simply a community of driven people who will always go the extra mile to show that they care about each other.

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