Current Role: Vice President of Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Maryem is a sophomore intending to study Business Administration and Computer Science.
She joined AKPsi during her spring semester of freshman year and is part of the Alpha Upsilon class.

Meet Maryem

My entire life has been filled with change. I have moved numerous number of times, lived in four states, and even attended three different high schools before coming to Cal. I have never had a single place to call home, so one of my hopes for the four years I would spend here was to find a community to make my home.

My first semester on campus was simply chaotic, between the stresses of being a new college student, the transition away from home, and the overwhelming different pathways Cal has to offer, I felt beyond lost. I came to AKPsi’s Meet The Chapter with a friend to fill an evening during syllabus week after being flyered on Sproul, not knowing much about the frat or the business community for that matter. From the first conversation I had with a brother, I felt as though I found that home.

Pledging, although difficult and trying, brought me close to some of my favorite people! My pbros became my family on campus, the ones I rely on for everything, and my closest friends. They helped me decide on my major, recruit, and long term career goals I never even thought were possible.

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